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What is the
PACT Client Program?

The fundamentals of our PACT Client Program is to meet our client expectations in the areas of Protection - Attention - Coordination - Transparency.


Our principal adviser and entrepreneur Mick Steffan has developed a proven client program that is unique to Australia.

This program named the PACT Client Program is designed for high net worth clients that meet the characteristics of our “Ideal Client Community” and uses a process based on the fundamentals of the American Psychologist Abraham Maslow “Hierarchy of needs”.




The protection of your financial strategy and your money, avoiding being ripped off by others who charge too much or not doing their job as expected. In addition, we put strategies in place to reduce the impact of a crisis. 



We are proactive, ensure you are able to make informed financial decisions at all times and provide regular progress reviews with course corrections.



As your executive financial officer Mick Steffan 30 years of experience ensures maximum efficiency in coordinating your financial affairs through our subject matter experts. 



Being Independent as regulated by law, we have no ulterior motives and are using subject matter experts with similar values. and ethics. 



Working towards being Wealthy

From our experience, the single most important objective is to retain or become financially independent at some point in our lives while being financial stress-free. To achieve that, you first need to understand the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

Rich is defined as having a great deal of money, maybe for a short period of time while wealthy is referred to as having sustained wealth forever.

Our goal is to provide long term solutions towards becoming and staying wealthy.



A Team of Subject Matter Experts

We realised that to truly being able to address the needs of high net worth clients, we need more than just work together with other professionals. 


We need to:


1. Select professionals that are passionate and leaders in their field of expertise.

2. Work with professionals that understand and embrace the team goal.

3. Seek professionals that are entrepreneurial and love working towards clients solutions.

4. Enjoy working with other professionals to learn more.

5. Engage professionals that understand the PACT principles, the codes of Ethics and Independence. 

We created this dream team of advisers with expertise in:

  • Financial Planning, para-planning & money management 

  • Taxation, Bookkeeping and Profit First

  • Loan borrow capacity assessments, loans  product features and financing 

  •  Entity structuring, protection and wealth transfer.



Expert Advice & Peace of Mind

Being a PACT Client will provide you a one stop shop with the best expert advice in regards to your life's financial affairs, investments & choices.


Not only will you be granted Mick Steffan's expertise, but your portfolio will also greatly benefit from the advice of specific experts in each areas of concern in your life. 


This in turn will guarantee you increased peace of mind and complete trust in the process, knowing that your money is in expert hands.

The ultimate outcome we aim for is fo you to have the ideal balance in life!

​Mick Steffan and his Team of Subject Matter Experts are here to coordinate all the financial products & financial people in your life, and to give you a level 10 of confidence that all of your goals will be met.

How much does the PACT Program cost and What is included? 

The cost of the program is $2,000 per month. ,maybe fully  tax deductible and includes any labour cost and advice from the above-mentioned team of experts 100% commission-free.

Here are some examples of the exclusive services you will access through the PACT Client Program:

  • Initial strategic and ongoing advice

  • Financial independence progress tracking

  • Personal tax planning reviews, bookkeeping, tax returns and audits

  • Investment vehicles earning 100% passive income tax planning and returns

  • Will preparation, entity structure review and estate planning advice

  • Finance and debt restructuring and application

  • Our ten client deliverables process

At IFSWA we are all about Transparency. There is no hidden fees and if something seems unclear, we are here to answer all of your questions.

Happy Farmer


"I appreciate Mick's honesty and I am very confident with the status of my financial affairs including my wealth growth.  I feel very secure that all my finances are taken care of with Mick as my executive financial officer and his team of subject matter experts."

- Semi-retired farming clients near York

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Leaves all other financial advisers behind with great advice, tailored to the client. Makes it easy and you can have great confidence in the services offered.

—Peter Mountford