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Our Ethical Values

We Work Sustainably

Mick Steffan, principal financial adviser and 100% business owner of Independent Advisers WA is leading the way to make a difference in relation to sustainability.


Being sustainable and giving back to the world is the ultimate value and belief shared by IFSWA and almost all of our clients. Our work ethical approach is based on the 3 following pillars:

Planting a Tree


Business meeting



Our commitment is to use 1.5% of IFSWA net profit to protect and care of our environment through sponsorship, donations and active involvement:

  1. IFSWA makes an annual donation to Sea Shepherd, a non for profit international direct-action ocean conservation movement to defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

  2. IFSWA is the sponsor of the Clean up Geraldton Crew and provides critical financial support for sustainable bin bags and tools and high vis shirts.

  3. IFSWA offices are 100% powered by renewable energy and uses only rainwater for drinking and clients coffees and tea. Our hot water system runs of our solar power before selling credits back to the grid. Our wash machine uses cold water and our waste is separated and recycled according to what is available at the leaning tree community school.  We prefer to use ceiling fans and use as much as possible LED lightning

  4. Where possible we use electronic methods of communications including electronic files, and signatures were possible.

  5. IFSWA gardens are mostly Western Australian natives and therefore use less water.

  6. The staff of IFSWA chooses to wear 100% sustainable clothes.

  7. The business partners and subject matter experts all have committed to being net Zero by 2025.

Community Service

At IFSWA we believe that it is more than the financial adviser duty to just consider the clients broader long-term interest and likely circumstances when giving advice


All employees, subject matter experts employees and their staff front or back office are paid above-average wages for their industry while IFSWA guarantees a high level of working standards. 



Working conditions

We ensure that all employees and related sub-contractors perform their tasks in good working conditions at all times  


Health & Safety 

Health & Safety regulations are respected and IFSWA makes sure that all contractors are operating in a safe environment



IFSWA has developed a close relationship with their expert matters and makes sure that clear communication is established at all times


IFSWA is very mindful to maintain fair & ethical governance of their own investments and services provided to clients. 

  • The principle adviser Mick Steffan invest his super and investments in the same ethical investments as his clients.

  • The executive pay of the board is set to a conservative level in order to accommodate growth and new initiatives to work on SRI values.

  • IFSWA has committed to be 100% independent by law and provides services under the principle own Australian Financial Service License

  • IFSWA has no associations that influences its advice and provision of services. They are a member of the profession of independent advisers WA and Responsible investment association of Australasia.

  • Front office services like financial, mortgage broking, estate planning and taxation advice is provided by Australian business from Western Australia and Victoria while back-office services are outsourced


Mick Steffan, the principal financial adviser of Independent Advisers WA is leading the way to a higher ethical standard for the industry.

  • Besides the fact that we have chosen to operate as an independent financial adviser, which brings with it an additional set of requirements, we also operate under our own Australian Financial Service License. This makes a difference so that services can be offered to our clients without having to meet requirements and expectations from others and guarantee that at our advice is conflict-free.

  • As a consequence of the Royal Commission into finance, all financial advisers have to meet new education standards by 2026. Mick has met all these requirements already in December 2021. Four years early.

  • And finally, Mick is a member of RIAA, the responsible investment association of Australia and PIFA the Profession of Independent Advisers Australia. Both organisations require members to meet certain standards and continue professional training in relation to their ethical development.

Trash Picking

IFSWA is certified as an Independent Financial Adviser and complies with FASEA Code of Ethics.

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