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Are you over the age of 55?

Are you struggling with a significant financial issue?  

Get a breakthrough of clarity around the big picture which then makes the next few steps obvious!

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Why we are unique

We pride ourselves on being the only local company that provides this specific combination of quality, service, and expertise: 

  • Our principal adviser is a fully qualified independent financial planner and accountant and a member of the Certified Independent Financial Advisers Association. 

  • Our financial advice is the most comprehensive it can be and if agreed, includes the professional opinions of up to 10 different subject matter experts including our specialist accountants and laywers.


  • We have a value-for-money guarantee for all our initial advice. Call us to find out more including the terms and conditions. 

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Are you facing any of the following financial challenges and are unsure what to do next?

01. Retirement, you had enough of working (fulltime), you have saved some money and want to know if you are able to have enough to make it work?

02. Age pension qualification, you are close to pension age and want to know how you can maximise your pension entitlement and need help with appying. 

03. Disability, your health is limiting your ability to keep working and want to know if you are entitled for any government assistance if you could retire now.

04. Death, you lost someone close to you which changes your financial situation and or perspective of life and need help making it work. 

05. Becoming age 60 or 65, you have heard that you could access some or all of your superannuation and perhaps convert it to a tax free income stream but dont know how to go about it.

06. Retrenchment and or (volunteered) resignation, you have the opportunity to finish your current work arrangement earlier by accepting a redundancy package but need guidance on the tax consequences and your future retirement funding.  

If this is You,
then don't worry anymore!

Over the past +25 years, we, at Independent Advisers WA, have helped many self-funded retirees solve and or manage their significant financial issues with value-for-money independent advice.

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Do you need S.M.A.R.T GOAL BASED advice?

Goal-Based Advice is providing recommendations regarding strategies, decisions, courses of conduct and effort as well as tracking and making periodic adjustments in order to stay on course. The outcome is an increased chance of achieving the goal.



Well defined, Clear and Unambiguous goals.



With specific criteria that measure your progress toward the accomplishment of the goal.



Attainable and not impossible to achieve.



Within reach, realistic, and relevant to your life purpose.



With a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date & a target date. The purpose is to create urgency.

Our advisers and subject matter experts are specialists in turning your substantial financial issues into S.M.A.R.T goals so the next steps become obvious.

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Complete a financial roadmap for only $500 now
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