We take the Uncertainty
out of your Life.

Are you worried about your wealth & your financial wellbeing in the future?

Let's see if any of these statements resonate with you and let us show you how we can help.

01. My existing advisers are not working for me!  I miss the proactive personal experience and trust and want to sustain and protect my wealth, but I don't have the time, knowledge and/or expertise. 

03. I would like to delegate my financial well being to a team of professionals that protect me from risks, pay attention to remain on track, coordinate my life and financial assets while being 100% transparent to me.  

05. I want to be able to pass my wealth to my heirs peacefully and without losing too much in taxes while educating my beneficiaries to be responsible with their current and future assets so they are better prepared for life than me.

02. I want to sustain my current lifestyle without being dependent on my work/business activities and need a long term strategy and relationship with a trusted professional adviser that thinks big picture and can help me with all elements of my financial well being. 

04. I wish my wealth to be protected from disruptions and investment-specific risks including climate change, COVID risk while seeking new growth and ethical investment opportunities

06. I feel I am successful but don't seem to be able to achieve a good lifestyle balance between working, time spent at home, family and personal pursuits and need a long term relationship with an adviser that really understands me and can help me with accountability and making informed decisions.

Don't worry anymore!

Over the past +25 years, we, at Independent Advisers WA, have helped many high net worth clients just like You to overcome these challenges. How? By providing a complete financial solution incorporating S.M.A.R.T Goal-Based Advice. 


Goal-Based Advice is providing recommendations regarding strategies, decisions courses of conduct and effort as well as tracking and making periodic adjustments in order to stay on course.  The outcome is an increased chance of achieving the goal.  Our advisers are specialists in turning your goals into Smart Goals ​being - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.



Well defined, Clear and Unambiguous goals.



With specific criteria that measure your progress toward the accomplishment of the goal.



Attainable and not impossible to achieve.



Within reach, realistic, and relevant to your life purpose.



With a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date & a target date. The purpose is to create urgency.

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Financial advice, Taxation advice. Finance and Debt, Estate and Legal advice are straight shooters and are very different from your existing financial planner, accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker advisers. We are strategists first, committed to working together as a team that works in your interest first. 


Our SME's are all very experienced professionals, operate their own successful businesses and know how to research & analyse your current and past financial situation. in their area of expertise.

Sometimes this means challenging the status quo, review the work of your existing advisers and think outside the box to create a truly, comprehensive financial plan that addresses all areas of advice at once and each and every smart goals.

Ask yourself the question: Do you really believe that your whole financial house is best served by just one local accountant or financial adviser and do you really believe they work closely together for you benefit and are the best in their game?

At Independent Advisers WA, Strategic Advice always comes before product advice. Why? Because it sets up the framework for long-term wealth creation & protection and transfer. 

Independent Strategic Advice

Creating an ideal cash flow scenario that incorporates your smart goals by considering your need for liquidity followed by wealth creation and protection, through the subject areas of taxation,  investment, debt & finance,  estate planning and insurance.

Independent Product Advice

Product advice refers to a financial product that can solve a component of strategic advice., like a managed fund, direct share, exchange-traded fund, type of superannuation fund or Life insurance.


Our team of professionals are passionate about their area of expertise. And is, therefore in their DNA to save clients from being mistreated by their existing advisers. Below are a number of warning signs and or indicators of getting poor advice and time to move on and get serious in getting your financial house in order:

Warning signs of poor financial advice

  1.  Is not Independent. (Does not satisfy Section 923A of the corporation ACT).  

  2. Getting paid through commissions, percentage fees or hourly rates.

  3.  Don't have their own Australian Financial Services Licence. 

  4. Don't know the difference between rich and wealthy.

  5. Offer transactional-based advice, often in the form of one-off advice or limited financial product recommendations without a sufficient ongoing service offering.

  6. Failing to balance financial product and advice cost with current and future lifestyle needs and promises to beat the market with active investment strategies., 

  7. Don't define smart goals and fail to track progress towards clients goals.

  8. Have no limitation on the number of clients.

  9. Have not considered your ethical values in relation to the environment, social and governance (ESG).

Warning signs of poor accountancy and or tax advice

  1.  Are compliance orientated and don't offer more than just doing the tax return.

  2. Are full of ideas/talk but fail to follow these through. with action. and call you back when you need it most.

  3. Meet only once and fail to meet before the end of the financial year to discuss tax strategies and or complete tax returns later than 3 months after the end of the financial year.

  4. Provides financial advice (including setting up SMSF) without being on the financial adviser register 

  5. Has no idea of your current capital gain tax position when meeting you. or fails to lodge a tax return to get franked dividends back. 

  6. Gives tax advice without considering the client's financial goals and overall long term wealth.

  7. Do not solve your problems in a timely way and or keep items on the profit and loss and or balance sheets that should have been dealt with before. 

  8. Are still recommending and using old accountancy software to their clients.  

  9. Fail to work together with other advisers and or delegate as they believe they have the skills to do it all.  

  10. Have internal (related party) auditors to meet ATO requirements for Self Managed Superfunds.

Warning signs of poor estate planning advice

  1. Charging cash for their services at a discount.

  2. Appointing themselves as joint or sole executors of a Will.

  3. Not considering the tax planning of the estate and their beneficiaries

  4. Providing a once-off Will service that can not be updated for free in the future. Lacks an ongoing review offering.

  5.  Appointing the wrong or poor executors/ beneficiaries in the Wills and or giving the wrong funeral directions.

  6. Providing a  one Will fits all solution. for high net worth clients with special needs.

  7. Does not sufficient review the need for the Enduring power of attorney, testamentary trusts and or binding death nominations. and ignores dementia and other competency issues.

  8. Lacks considering wealth protection needs, to include all assets including superannuation. 

  9. Fails to recognise potential challenges to the estate including debt.

How much does it cost & who do we serve?

We charge a fixed flat monthly fee of $2,000 through our PACT Client Program, which may be fully taxed deductible and includes the cost of all of the following services connected* to our financial advice:
 01.  Comprehensive Financial Advice
 02. Legal and Estate Planning Advice
03 Family law Advice
04. Commission free Finance and mortgage broking
05. Accountancy software, compliance & tax planning advice
* Note: The services included in the pact client program continue to expand over time. Please contact us for a comprehensive overview of what's included. Connected to our advice means: the cost of implementing our advice only and does not include any other services unless specifically agreed in our Terms of Engagement.

Limitation of clients we serve

In order to protect our existing clients and be able to offer more value than the average adviser through our one-stop-shop solution for high net worth individuals and their families, we limit our intake of new clients strictly to those that meet our ideal client community profile. 
More on our Ideal Client Community
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Wealth isn’t a particular sum of money. It’s the freedom to do what you’re passionate about and what you think is important.
— Jonathon Clements

What real value do our clients get out of our Goal-Based Advice approach?

Our CEO,  Mick Steffan shares some insights into our business:
  • The key to our business model is to establish long term mutually beneficial relationships with clients which includes trust, accountability and respect.
  • To continue to meet our client's expectations and find ways to offer more value that matters, we expect our clients to invest back in us by participating in our value or advice surveys, progress reviews, client value staircase events and research.
I am pleased to share with you our latest insights into what our current clients feel is important to them: 


In regards to my relationship with Mick Steffan and this team clients say:

1. The most important benefit Mick and his team provides is that we can trust them 100% and that they puts my needs first & foremost without comprise!

2. I am less concerned about my progress towards my goals and wealth growth as Mick monitors and updates our financial plan continuously.

3. Mick and his team provides expert guidance to all my taxation, investment and estate planning decisions, especially during COVID  times.

In regards to financial planning with Mick Steffan and this team clients say :

1. They truly customises my financial plan to my needs by being able to cross over with their advice to multiple professional disciplines.

2. They help me improve my financial literacy so I am more comfortable with dealing with unforeseen events while improving my long term wealth growth. 

3. They help me balance my lifestyle with strategies to save smartly, be more efficient so I can spend more time with things that really matter to me. 

In regards to my financial protection & insurance, clients say that Mick Steffan and his team:

1. Help me avoid pitfalls, taxes, fees and mistakes and leave me in a much better state of financial well being. 

2. Created a financial plan that offers me greater financial freedom while being tangible financially much better off.

3. Provides assurance that my income needs at retirement are closely met while getting the most out of my situation.

In addition to the above non-tangible value of our advice, the average added financial benefit for our long term PACT Program clients is 35% more than the average Australian Financial adviser. 
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