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Thomas Blackwell

Subject Matter in Taxation

Thomas is our team member for all tax planning and bookkeeping needs.

He helps improve our retirement clients' tax position as well as optimizing financial operations in clients' small businesses.  

Thomas is different from most other accountants Mick has met.  Just like Mick, he believes in the big picture, the long-term plan of the client's financial household while tax compliance is the outcome of this. 

Taxation advising is a specialised field, often involving a high degree of complexity in applying legislation and case law to an individual client’s circumstances.

Through development with Mick, Thomas helps our clients  map their taxation journey

using our unique LEARP approach:

1. Locate:

Locate all of the historical and current taxation-related information.

2. Evaluate:

Evaluate the options for changing strategy and the client’s ability to understand and navigate the planned changes.

3. Assess:

Assess the differing options, quantify the taxation and cash flow outcomes, and make recommendations.


4. Report:

Report the potential strategies to all the other subject matter experts to ensure they fit in the bigger picture of the client's comprehensive overarching strategy. 

5. Process:

Process or proceed: to implement and monitor the strategy.

Of course, Thomas and his team also take care of tax compliance for our clients including Tax Returns, Company Accounts, and BAS.

A Bit About Thomas

Thomas has over 15 years of experience in the field with several positions in leading accountancy firms across the world. About 7 years ago he started his own business offering complex tax advice for small businesses as well as the Profit First Methodology.


Known for his proactive approach, ability to understand and then communicate complex scenarios, and exceptional client service, he has been our trusted adviser taxation since 2020 and our clients love working with him.

More information



Former Activities

Other Activities

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

  • CFA Institute - Chartered Financial Analyst Finance and Financial Management Services

  • Master of Taxation International Business, Trade, and Tax Law

  • Bachelor of Economics Finance

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Accounting and Finance

  • Director - Longspear Equatorial Company

  • Chartered Accountant / SME Advisor - Lanteri Partners Group

  • Financial Services Consultant - deVere Group

  • Derivatives Trader - IMC financial markets & asset management

  • Tax Consultant - KPMG

Outside of work, Thomas is a dad of two children and likes to travel around the world with his wife and children. He is a profit first professional adviser, implementing a proven methodology to work with the end result in mind.


He firmly is against working a 9-5 Job and shares the visions, just like Mick, that life is not about how much time you spend at work, but about focusing 150% on the end result. 

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