What We Do

We Give Independent Advice

We offer specialised independent financial advice solutions for clients working largely in the farming, fishing & resources industry. However, we also service small businesses and clients active in the resource and medical industry.

Our Mission

We do everything in our power to achieve our loyal clients' long term objectives through goal based advice. 


We are unique as we limit our clients to a select 50 families only. We do not give incidental or ad-hoc advice.

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Our Promise

Transparency, accountability and results

From the first meeting onward we aim to be as transparent as possible with our thinking and doing. Our commitment to independence means we only get paid directly from you or your superannuation account.  You will know upfront what our advice cost. No strings attached. 

We stand by our advice and financial projections. We developed our own software to display the differences between our projections and your current position. To reach your financial goals accountability is required from you and our team. We encourage our clients to follow and implement our recommendations. While we respond with conservative projections and assumptions.

Our ideal client is one who appreciates financial planning as a long term commitment to change for the better. We have been fortunate to have built many close relationships with our clients over time which allows us to understand our clients better. Our 3 times year progress meetings dissect the results into temporary changes and structural changes with corresponding decisive action plans.


Our Focus

Our client base consists of at least 60% of farmers and fishing clients. As a consequence, our focus has developed further in this industry. 

Farming and fishing is a complicated business that requires our expertise. Often clients have limited access to technology and financial tools that can help them create wealth.

Our referral sources tell us that many pay way too much for below average services. and they do not know what to do about it. 

Often stuck with old BT and AMP products that are inefficient and costly. But we are here to help.


We have extensive experience in how a farming business works and how success relates to our weather.


From pastoral operation to mixed operations, from Gnaraloo to Mundaring, even our principal adviser has been seen shearing a sheep or two!

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Our Services

Our main areas of expertise are in the lead up to and throughout retirement. Including but not limited to:

* Comprehensive retirement income strategies incorporating

  • Maximising benefits while reducing cost

  • Minimising tax for you and your family

  • Informed investment risk approach

  • Maximising age pension eligibility and benefits

  • Detailed planning of how funds are distributed when you die

* Comprehensive pre-retirement strategies incorporating


  • Forward planning of current and future retirement expenditure

  • Optimising net tax position to boost savings capacity

  • Informed  investment risk approach to strategies and investments

  • Entity tax planning and income splitting strategies through superannuation and trusts

  • Detailed analysis on whether and how to retain or sell the family farm

  • Suitability and cost analysis of Self Managed Superannuation and other retail and industry funds

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