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Annette Sainclair

Subject Matter in Financial Planning -  Social Security and Aged Care

Annette is our specialist financial adviser for all dealings with Social Security and Aged Care. As an ex-Centrelink Financial Information Officer, she knows the ins and outs of the social security system in Australia.

As part of our subject matter expert team its her job to position our clients to maximize any current and future Centrelink entitlements, which start with benefits like:


  • Pension concession card,

  • Health care card,

  • Commonwealth Senior Health Care Card,

  • Age Pension and Carers Allowance,

  • Entering an aged care home and applying for aged care funding,

  • Caring for the elderly, including carers payments,

  • Elder health and Safety, including assistance with health care costs.

In addition to the application of benefits, she also acts as the intermediary between our clients and Centrelink to ensure that our client's information provision obligation continues to be met. 

A Bit About Annette

Annette joined the Financial Planning industry in 2012, working with Nick Bruining to deliver easy-to-understand advice with NC Bruining and Associates (NCBA).


Immediately prior to joining NCBA, she worked for Centrelink’s Financial Information Service since 1997 and in 2020 she founded her own financial advice business. 

Before entering the Financial Planning industry with Nick Bruining, she was a Financial Information Services Officer, Centrelink’s equivalent of a financial planner for over seven years and specialized in superannuation and aged care. After working for Centrelink for more than fourteen years, she gained extensive knowledge of Social Security law and the financial issues pertaining to aged care.

More information



Former Activities

Other Activities

  • Kaplan Professional

  • Centrelink Training courses

  • Diploma of Financial Services

  • Certificate 4 of Financial services

  • Certificate in Methods of adult Education 

  • ​Financial information services officer, Centrelink equivalent of a financial planner, specialising in superannuation and aged care.

  • Financial adviser of one of the largest independent advisers’ businesses in Perth with Nick Brunning

Annette daily activities includes the running of her own business, specialised in Centrelink Benefits. She is married, has two adult children. She enjoys exploring Australia and spending time with her family. She is passionate about her Centrelink Clients and spends many hours keeping up to date with this.

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