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Natasha (Tash) Rob

Subject Matter in Debt Management

Tash is our Specialist Debt Management expert for dealings with business finance, mortgage, and our client's home loan needs.

As part of the subject matter expert team, she assesses our client's current finance arrangements on cost and quality and identifies opportunities either with existing providers or with new products and providers.

Off course being a subject matter expert, she works closely with our other experts to assess the need for finance in the first place and structures the solutions to line up with our overarching financial strategy and client goals considering things like access to funds including superannuation.

A Bit About Tash

Tash been a Mortgage broker for 15 years, with experience in not just home loans she offers knowledge of commercial, asset, SMSF and consumer loans such as car loans and personal loans she has been a Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia member since 2008 and owned her own business for the last 5 years.

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Former Activities

Other Activities

Nagle Catholic College

  • Certificate 4 in finance

  • Diploma in Finance

  • SMSF finance accreditation,

  • Commercially accredited Broker

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Branch Manager

During Tash’s free time she enjoys taking her dogs to the beach, fishing out on the boat and being in the general outdoors. She loves pulling the pots with her husband Russell and is well experienced catching and handling octopus.  She also volunteers, helping out with the latest Ocean Heroes Australia event. Set up by WA surfers, Ocean Heroes travels the state aiming to improve the wellbeing of those on the autism spectrum by building confidence through surfing.

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