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What's New at IFSWA and in the Financial World?

Access our latest research now to take away a little but of uncertainty

Our own investment managers and our advisers publish each month a newsletter discussing:

  1. The investment performance of the Australian and International Markets,

  2.  Macro Economic news and development,

  3. Investment ideas to consider for the future that may impact your investments and financial future in general.


Many of these thoughts form the basis of our dynamic investment strategy including our own successful Steffan's Sustainable Global Leaders Model Portfolio.


This newsletter is free for ongoing clients but attracts a small charge of $5 per month or $50 per year (17% discount) for non-clients.  Please feel free to download one of our previous newsletters as a sample. If you like to subscribe to any of our future newsletters please click on the payment button below. 

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Y - 2022

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