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How We Operate

In Full Transparency

At Independent Advisers WA there is no hidden fees, no middlemen, no secret commissions, and no unspoken issues. We simply thrive at being upfront, straightforward, and honest with You.

We are Completely Independent

Our advisers, our business and our licensee are not connected, aligned, owned or influenced by any investment, bank, insurance company, or other financial product provider.


We have chosen to meet the strict requirements of section S923A of the Corporation Act which means that we are genuinely Independent!


As a result, our advice is purely made with your interest at heart. Not of the bank or any other financial institution like 99% of the other advisers. As a company, we meet the highest requirements labelled as the Gold Standard of Independence.

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Fully Transparent Flat Fees

We love creating advice, we love serving our clients, and we also enjoy getting paid while doing so.

Our advice process is simple and transparent. The first appointment costs $500 and the outcome is a completed personal roadmap that provides a breakthrough in clarity so that the next steps become obvious.

After that, it is up to you to take action and implement those steps.  If you engage us to help, we will put together a comprehensive financial strategy. This may or may not involve our subject matter experts depending on your needs and your budget. 


Our fees can be taken from your superannuation in most cases if your personal cash flow is limited. Ongoing services and fees may also be tax-deductible. 

The Power of Goal Based Advice

Recent research found that 70% of people don't actually know what their goals are, while 25% of people do have goals, but don't have them written down. At the same time in business, having a business plan increases the chance of success by over 50%.  It's therefore only logical that for personal finance this applies as well.


When goal-based advice is properly formulated, it ensures you remain focused on your outcomes and not on outperforming the share market. 


More importantly, having set goals allows our advisers to recommend investment solutions that align with your time frame. 

While long-term goals are important, consumers struggle to engage with them emotionally.  It is so far away we get told!!


Our advice process focuses dually on long and short-term goals so that clients know how to retire comfortably while also enjoying their lifestyle now!

Together at the Top

We Prefer Direct Investments

Our investment philosophy flows from our business mission to give transparent and independent advice. 

Research has proven a consistent process-based investment strategy combined with the efficient portfolio theory reduces risk and increases long-term returns.


Consequently, we have created a direct share portfolio with our own investment managers aimed at providing real ethical and sustainable exposure using the 17 development goals of the United Nations as a base for accountability. 

If you are passionate about a sustainable future and are looking for a transparent solution with real accountability at a very competitive price, let's have a chat!   

Caravan in the Australian Outback

Our goal is to create you a Life you don't want a vacation from!

More About The Team

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