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The PACT Client

Our business' objective is to offer a one-stop-shop for high net worth individuals and their families. We meet this objective by keeping our client community to a reasonable size and by serving a specific type of client only - the PACT Clients. This way we are 100% committed to delivering what we promise.


  • ARE FINANCIAL DELEGATORS: Our community of clients appreciate and are happy to follow the advice of a team of financial experts coordinated by a single Trusted Adviser.

  • ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT GOALS: Our clients realise that achieving their goals requires both money and planning. Our community of Ideal Clients appreciates our commitment to pay close attention to all the financial details and proactively recommend the inevitable course corrections, as required, several times each year.

  • ENJOY SIMPLICITY: Our clients enjoy simplicity, freedom, and peace of mind that comes from having all their financial assets under the watchful eye of a single Trusted Adviser who provides oversight, coordinating all personal financial affairs.

  • VALUE OUR WORK TOGETHER: Our clients appreciate advice and guidance. Due to the high level of client interaction and attention, our services only make sense for individuals and families who control:

  1. More than $1 Million of net investable assets and or

  2. More than $2.5 Million including their family home and or

  3. Earning more than $250,000 per year.

  • LIVE WITHIN 500 KM FROM OUR OFFICE: Convenience is an important criteria, therefore every Ideal Client lives within 500 KM of our office at 58 Hillview Drive, Drummond Cove, WA.

  • FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT: Our clients delegate financial matters so they can focus their valuable time and energy on things in their life that are most important to them. Clients who appreciate an adviser who views their role as to protect financial assets, and the financial

Is that You?

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Please note that, once we have a community of 50 clients who meet this profile, we will not be accepting any new clients. Thank you for your understanding.

Father and Daughter Fishing

"I appreciate Mick's honesty and I am very satisfied with the status of my financial affairs including my wealth growth.  I feel very secure that all my finances are taken care of with Mick as my executive financial officer and his team of subject matter experts."


- One of our PACT Clients

What is the
PACT Client Program?

The fundamentals of our PACT Client Program is the client expectations in the areas of Protection - Attention - Coordination - Transparency.


Our principal adviser and entrepreneur Mick Steffan has developed a proven client program that is unique to Australia.

This program named the PACT Client Program is designed for clients that meet the characteristics of our “Client Community” and uses a process based on the fundamentals of the American Psychologist Abraham Maslow “Hierarchy of needs”.

What is the PACT Program about? 




Working towards being Wealthy

From our experience, the single most important objective is to be financially independent at some point in our lives while being financial stress-free. To achieve that, you need to be wealthy, not rich.

Our goal is to create and update a comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy for every one of our clients and our job is to ensure that every client is always on-track with their finances.



A Team of Subject Matter Experts

To achieve this goal our Expert Financial Executive Officer Mick Steffan has gathered a team of Subject Matter Experts:

  • Financial advisers, para-planners & money management advisers

  • Accountants,  tax agents and bookkeepers

  • Mortgage brokers and finance experts

  • Life insurance experts and Estate planning & legal advisers



Expert Advice & Peace of Mind

Being a PACT Client will provide you with the best expert advice in regards to your life's investments & choices.


Not only will you be granted Mick Steffan's expertise, but your portfolio will also greatly benefit from the advice of specific Experts in each areas of concerns in your life. 


This in turn will guarantee you increased peace of mind and complete trust in the process, knowing that your money is in expert hands.

​Mick Steffan and his Team of Subject Matter Experts are here to coordinate all the financial products & financial people in your life, and to give you a level 10 of confidence that all of your goals will be met.

How much does the PACT Program cost and What is included? 

The cost of the program is $2,000 per month. It is partly tax deductible and includes any labour cost and advice from the above-mentioned team of experts 100% commission-free.

Here are some examples of the exclusive services you will access through the PACT Client Program:

  • Initial strategic and ongoing advice

  • Financial independence progress tracking

  • Personal tax planning reviews, bookkeeping, tax returns and audits

  • Investment vehicles earning 100% passive income tax planning and returns

  • Will preparation, entity structure review and estate planning advice

  • Finance and debt restructuring and application

At IAWA we are all about Transparency. There is no hidden fees and if something seems unclear, we are here to answer all of your questions.

Happy Farmer


"I appreciate Mick's honesty and I am very satisfied with the status of my financial affairs including my wealth growth.  I feel very secure that all my finances are taken care of with Mick as my executive financial officer and his team of subject matter experts."

Still unsure?

Find out more about the value of Financial Advice and more specifically about the proven results of our tailored methodology right here.


Primary Industry Clients

We love to work with farmers!

Farming is a complicated business involving a lot of risks; but, if done well, can have large rewards. Most of our pastoral and agriculture farming clients are families with multiple generations.


Often the oldest generation is working through intergenerational planning and transitioning to retirement. We have worked with many producers to transition through inter-generational planning.

During this time there is a  need to build off-farm wealth for the family, provide education funding for the grandchildren, and decide on risk management strategies through diversification. life insurance and legal protection.

Our clients range from station owners and managers in Carnarvon, mixed farming in Mingenew to retiree farming clients in Port Denison and Dongara.


Clients who value a long-term relationship

Our clients are often time-poor and wish to reduce financial stress by establishing a long term relationship with an independent adviser they can trust. Typically we provide advice to primary industry customers with a net wealth of between one and fifty million dollars. These clients are business owners who often hold multiple tax entity structures for protection and taxation planning.

They typically own some Wesfarmers shares in their personal names from way back, may have some FMD's and want to maximise their wealth in a tax-effective way. 

Clients who seek independent advice

We know how difficult it can be to trust in today's world. Especially when it comes to money and finance. This has become even clearer since the result of the Royal Commission into Finance.


This is why we have chosen to go completely independent. To guarantee our commitment, advice is not biased by any connections with external financial institutions or influenced by any level of commissions.

Here we provide long term neutral product goal based advice. We put our clients first.

Discover the value of our advice 
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