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Who We Serve


Our business objective is to offer high-quality advice to high net worth individuals and their families. We meet our objective by limiting the number of clients. This way we are 100% committed to deliver what we promise.

Below is an overview of our typical clientèle. This should help you decide if we are the right advisers for you. If in doubts, simply give us a call.

We are talking with YOU not with your wallet.

Primary Industry 

We love to work with farmers!

Farming is a complicated business involving a lot of risk; but, if done well, can have large rewards. Most of our pastoral and agriculture farming clients are families with multiple generations.


Often the oldest generation is working through inter generational planning and transitioning to retirement. We have worked with many producers transition through inter generational planning.

During this time there is a  need to build off farm wealth for the family, provide education funding for the grand children, and decide on risk management strategies through diversification. life insurance and legal protection.

Our clients range from station owners and managers in Carnarvon, mixed farming in Mingenew to retiree farming clients in Port Denison and Dongara.

Our Clients

Clients who value a long-term relationship

Our clients are often time poor and wish to reduce financial stress by establishing a long term relationship with an independent adviser they can trust. Typically we provide advice to primary industry customers with a net wealth between one and fifty million dollars. These clients are business owners who often hold multiple tax entity structures for protection and taxation planning.

They typically own some Wesfarmers shares in their personal names from way back, may have some FMD's and wanting to  maximising their wealth in a tax effective way. 

Clients who seek independent advice

We know how difficult it can be to trust in today's world. Especially when it comes to money and finance. This has become even clearer since the result of the Royal Commission into Finance.


This is why we have chosen to go completely independent. To guarantee our commitment, advice is not biased by any connections with external financial institutions or influenced by any level of commissions.

Here we provide long term neutral product goal based advice. We put our clients first.

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