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Goal Based Financial Planning

Greater confidence in financial decision making

Greater peace of mind

Better understanding of budgeting & spending decisions

Greater value of assets in retirement

 Higher levels of happiness

Financial Advice provides both Tangible & Intangible benefits.

According to an IOOF 2020 Australian Research on the Value of Advice, people who are receiving financial guidance notice great improvements of both their financial & overall well-being.


Top 5 rated outcome for advised clients

Advised clients rated being 'Less concerned about finances' and 'Having investments that are more appropriate for them' as the top two outcomes they experience from receiving financial advice.

Top 5 tangible benefits for advised clients

Top 4 intangible benefits for advised clients

Advised clients agreed that advice gave them tangible benefits included 'help in getting the most out of their situation' (93%), 'avoiding pitfalls' (91%) and 'that advice left them in a better position' (90%).

Precisely one in two advised clients cite direct benefits to their mental health from receiving financial advice and two in five cite benefits to their family life.

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