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Saving Pillars

Learn how to take advantage of the official and unofficial pillars to exit the rat race.

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Step 1 Watch this video to understand the concept of financial independence 

Hey tribe, in this video I will present some important concepts that are the basis for this whole Masterclass series. I like you to really think about this. Having a clear idea of what financial independence means to you will inspire you to keep going, make some though decisions and increase your success. 

Tools and resources 

Below you can download the important concepts of this video so you can really get familiar with them.

Step 2: Work on your journey towards financial freedom now:

Hey tribe, i hope you enjoyed my video above. Now lets get going on your exit from the rat race now. Below video includes instructions to complete an exercise to apply the knowledge you have learned to your own situation. Throughout the course we will build on these exercises pretty much the same as to how we would complete a personal financial plan for our financial planning clients.  Therefore its important for your own future you spend some time on this before moving on to the next class.

Tools and resources 

Download the material below to complete your exercise:

Step 3: Get your work reviewed

Now all the hard work is done, please lodge your final completed version with your course facilitator Charney. She will review your work to ensure you are on the right track. What we looking for is if you completed the work in the correct format and intended for its purpose. Once submitted, you can continue with the next masterclass module. However please note that only once we have completed a review of your work and email you back with feedback, we will be able to complete a review of your work done in the next module. 


Copyright © Exit the Rat Race Masterclasses — Mick Steffan and I.F.S.(WA) Pty ltd trading as Independent Advisers WA, which are authorised Representatives of Impartial Financial Advisers AFSL 533684. 

General Advice Warning

Any advice contained in this course is of a general nature only and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation, or needs of any particular person. Therefore, before making any decision, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice concerning those matters.  For more information please check our FSG.

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