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We like the good people and community of Margaret River and therefore like to give back to you too. Andrew Hughes and their family share our passion for the weather and giving back to the community,  and approached us to be our host for their weather station.  Would you like a weather station at your place too? Why not reach out? Meanwhile, enjoy your new local weather station in the heart of the wine country! 

In Cooperation with Margaret River Holiday Cottages, we are proud to  provide you with Live Weather

Independent Advisers WA together with Margaret River Holiday Cottages are proudly sponsoring the Live Weather Station at Margaret River. Western Australia. Why? Because every day we hear from you that being truly wealthy means having enough money to be at the right time in the right place, with the right people, doing the things that you love to do, and if we can make that decision easier for you, we will.


Giving back to our community is what we do! To find out how to save this page to your phone home screen, click the link below.


Our weather station is located at Margaret River Cottages, 2.5 km South South West of the Centre of Margaret River and 8 Km inland of Main Break, Surfers Point, Prevelly, and only 500 meters from Xanadu Wines.  


We would like to thank our host Andrew Hughes and his family at Margaret River Holiday Cottages for his contribution. 

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Margaret River Weather

What are the Conditions Today?

Move your mouse over the graph to see more details or...

Other external sites to make your day:

Margaret River Swell, Tide, and Moon predictions:    Swell net

Western Australia - Current Swell observations:        Swell - Comparative data - Dep Transport

National Radar Loop:                                                       Bureau of Meteorology 

Coastal Weather Forecast - Margaret River                BOM Leeuwin - Coastal Water Forecast

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No Wind & Waves On the Horizon?

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Margaret River Wind data for the past 3 hrs

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Swipe from left to right to see earlier data in the day

Did you Know? 

Independent Advisers WA is the ONLY independent financial advice business in Western Australia that purely focuses on your significant financial issue. Our promise is a breakthrough of clarity of the big picture so that the next steps become obvious! Curious to find out more?


Check Who We Are and How We Operate.

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Catching a Wave

Free & Reliable 
Real-Time Data

Scroll down on the weather data to see further below.

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01. Easy & Reliable

Our Weather Station data is easy to access and reliable.

We made it user friendly so you can enjoy a nice interface every time you want to check your local weather with us!

02. Free For the Community

Independent Financial Advisers WA is sponsoring this service, offering to the community free access to the weather data from several locations in the Midwest.

03. Real-Time Analytics

Our weather data is live! Located 2.5 km from Margaret River Town Centre and our Weather Station gives you access to the weather conditions at this specific location and as we speak!

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