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Why Choose Us

We Are Truly Unique

There are only 6 truly independent advisers in WA and 62 independent financial advisers in Australia. We are the ONLY Independent Advice Professionals north of the Swan River WA, awarded with the Platinum Status on the AdviserRating site for over 5 years now. Check out here what our clients have to say!


  • Most advisers choose to profit from increases in clients' portfolio values & insurance premiums due to commissions - We Do Not. 

  • Our advisers provide unique insight by combining goal-based advice with advanced tax strategies.

  • We love helping our clients save on investment and superannuation fees by cutting out the middle man.

  • Mick Steffan is a member of the Certified Independent Financial Advisers Association (CIFAA)

  • We adhere to strict ethical standards set by the Professional Standards Councils (PSC)

  • We have gathered a team of Subject Matter Experts who are extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

  • We are operating through an exclusive Client PACT Program which is unique to WA!

This means that our way of providing our services is different than 99% of the other financial advisers as our priorities unfold in the following order:

  1. The impact of our services to the community first

  2. Then our exclusive community of PACT Clients

  3. Followed by our professional associations

  4. And lastly our profitability

Furthermore, to continue to meet the definition of the profession Mick also requires to: 

  1. Operate at a higher level  than what is required under the Financial Advisers Standards and Ethical Authority (FASEA) standards of level of education including additional ongoing professional development. 

  2. Commit to prescribed professional and ethical standards including specific expectation of practice & conduct and a commitment to higher duty to improve consumer protection and outcomes. 

  3. Meet certain personal capabilities of experience in the financial planning industry. 

  4. Be subject to additional ongoing assurance of practice through compliance and audits.

  5. Be subject to strict guidelines and principles set by his professional entity, CIFAA, which oversees and administrates the standards & compliance requirements under the Professional Standards Legislation. 


Our Approach - High quality Sensible and appropriate advice, Free from institutional bias, Putting Clients' Interests First.

The Proof is
in The Pudding!

Research shows that those who obtain advice accumulate 3.9 times more assets after 15 years than those who make their own decisions. At IAWA, we are happy to say that we do even better than that!


A recent report from Rise Warner, commissioned by the Financial Services Council concludes that the value of financial advice consists of 3 categories:

The Value of FA



The quantifiable financial benefit that individual gains through advice, expressed in terms of wealth.



The non-quantifiable and non-financial benefits provided through advice relationships, for example being stress-free.



The benefits which flow to the broader economy, through greater use of advice, for example, more confidence, less reliance on government support services.


The Report also states that the Tangible Value of an average financial adviser in Australia is estimated to be around 3% per year.

The results of our PACT client Program does better than that with a current added Tangible Value of 4.51% per year!

Here is an illustration of what added actual tangible value was for a real Comprehensive  Client over a 2 year period based on a net wealth of $4,2 million in 2019  (Note: excludes investment performance)

In conclusion, by getting Comprehensive Financial Advice using our Comprehensive Advice  Program, we have saved the clients $180,000 of tangible value over 2 years in tax savings, fee savings, entity structuring, professional advice fee savings, and getting their financial house in order.

Small Business Client Testimonial:

"Mick has been working with me to look at ways to increase my self-managed super fund and exit strategies from SME. We have also engaged in other businesses to benefit both parties. Mick is very approachable to ideas and with his knowledge can direct you on the right path for future benefit. I am very confident in Mick's honesty to direct you to increase your financial wealth."

- Scott Philips, Webberton

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By engaging us as your financial CEO, you are guaranteed to be aligning your financial choices to your most important goals and your most deeply held values.

What is the
PACT Program?

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